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reBOUND, Shibari Style Impressions is the sequal to BOUND, Shibari Style Impressions.

This book represents the compilation of imagery created during Phase II of my journey with Japanese style rope bondage. There are 368 pages with over 550 images including some behind the scene images captured by slave judy. What is special for me about this book are all the women who worked with me and gave their all to ensure stellar results. You can preview reBOUND reBOUND or just purchase a copy now. For purchases outside the US Amazon is a better place to make your purchase as the shipping cost is much less. However, the copies on Amazon are unsigned.

June 27, 2011 ~ Tim Woodward, Skin Two Magazine has published a review of reBOUND, Shibari Style Impressions. Tim says, "reBound is among the very finest editions of Japanese rope bondage photography yet published – essential for the serious collector."

To read the entire review go to Skin Two Online Magazine.

reBOUND Printing Specs:

Title: reBOUND, Shibari Style Impressions
Size: 11” x 8.5” (Portrait)
Jacket: (4c x 0c) Gloss Laminated, 157 gsm Matt artpaper
Case: Black Skivertex material #5260 pasted onto 3mm greyboard with black foil on front & spine [design to be confirmed]
Cover: (4c x 0c) Gloss Laminated, 300 gsm single side artcard
Text: (4c x 4c) 368 pages, 292 gsm Matt artpaper
Endpaper: No printing on 140 gsm Black Colored Woodfree (for casebound only)
Binding: Casbeound - section sewn, endpapered, square backed, jacketed, H/T band, individual
Shrink wrap: I am receiving the books shrink wrapped in order to sign copies prior to shipping the wrapping will have to be removed.


Reviews of reBOUND, Shibari Style Impressions by David Lawrence

February 8, 2011 ~ Today I was sent a link to Graydancer's Blog. He spoke about my first book BOUND and reBOUND with a few eloquent words about me. I am flattered and grateful and you can check it out via this link to Graydancer's Blog on David Lawrence. Thank you Gray for your support and appreciation, understanding and kind words...


“I was around when David first started shooting rope bondage. As a rigger he has risen to the top of the bondage scene in only a few short years with his skill & attention to detail and already being one of the top photographers around, the capturing of his new found art with his honed photographic skill has left me mesmerized. He is able to capture not only a beautiful woman, but with his use of angles and lighting, brings the rope to a new level and elevates it to being more than a prop, it becomes a living entity sharing the space with his models. His choice of going grayscale makes his images pop with intensity that few photographers can even attempt to match. It's hard to fathom that this is only his second fine art bondage book as the skill, care and diligence to put this together and to compile such an immense collection of beautifully bound woman is a great undertaking.

David, Thank you for sharing this beauty with us...”

Lochai,, San Francisco, California


“reBound is a stunning compilation of beautiful bondage and extraordinary photography. David Lawrence has done it again, following on from Bound, this new book is so much more. Even the name of the book, ‘reBound, Shibari Style Impressions,’ is so apt and appropriate. If Japanese style rope bondage is your thing, then reBound is a must have.”

Mark, DV8House, Sydney, Australia


“David’s newest publication reBound is not just a second volume of his first bondage book Bound but sets David’s skills with this amazing combination of bondage and photography into a new light. His individual and unique eye for settings, situations and angels in combination with his great bondage create an intimate, emotional connection to his work. reBound is a declaration of love for rope and woman.”

Zamil,, Berlin, Germany


"I was truly delighted to be given a sneak peak at David Lawrence’s latest offering: “ReBound”, (although I truthfully would have ordered it sight unseen based on how much I enjoyed his first book “Bound”). I “oohed” and “ahhed” all the way through this latest volume because I LOVE so many things about this exciting book! It has a seemingly endless array of stunning black & white photographs with an occasional beautiful color print for spice. He has captured the essence of each of these beautiful ladies while bound in his artistically inspiring rope work ranging from the simple but elegant to complex suspensions! I also enjoyed David’s choice of a wide variety of locations, both indoor and outdoor. Everything from a defunct state penitentiary, to city rooftops, from Hollywood mansions, to NYC lofts, a ranch in Austin TX and the woods in Seattle and so much more! If you love beautiful women in rope bondage, or simply fine art photography ... you should buy this book."

Love Suze,, New York, USA


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