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David Lawrence has been a master of expressive portrait, social function and people photography for more than 25 years. Camera equipment has come a long way since I first started out in photography and I am always excited to try new techniques. Whether it is capturing a landscapes or an intimate moment, I am constantly striving to create images that reflect my passion for photography. During that time styles and fads have come and gone but David’s methods have remained true and effective. The tenets his work is based upon are not a matter of style but of substance.
David became interested in Shibari, the Art of Japanese Rope Bondage, in early 2003. With a keen artist’s eye, David recognized the inherent beauty of rope on skin. Shibari quickly became a passion, one that developed more intensely as he worked with and experienced the magic of rope. David’s talent and skill truly emerged as he delved deeper into the art of tying rope. His ties are meticulous, intricate, intense and beautiful. In fact, they are all true works of art.
David’s gift to us is his ability to expertly blend his two passions; rope and photography. As a result, his striking images communicate sensuality, eroticism, and the force of raw emotion. His use of lighting, angles, and sheer creativity is the key to his poignant imagery.

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David’s four major projects to date are, INTENSITY, Men in Rope, City Lights Series, reBOUND, Shibari Style Impressions, BOUND, Shibari Style Impressions. Three of which have been published and the forth, City Lights will be published when there is a demand for photographic art books.

Read about these book projects below.

reBOUND, Shibari Style Impressions represents the compilation of imagery created during Phase II of my journey with Japanese style rope bondage. There are 368 pages with over 550 images including some behind the scene images captured by slave judy. What is special for me about this book are all the women who worked with me and gave their all to ensure stellar results.

To preview reBOUND follow the link on the right.

INTENSITY, Men in Rope is a compilation of 18 men tied and photographed by David Lawrence in his style of Japanese inspired rope bondage. The imagery of these men and this genre is raw, visceral and artistic.

To preview INTENSITY follow the link on the right.

BOUND, Shibari Style Impressions was David’s first book. He is honored to have had Jurgen Boedt, Secret Magazine as his publisher. The book was released in June 2005 a mere 18 months from the start of Phase I of David’s journey with rope and photography. BOUND, Shibari Style Impressions was such a success that the book has been sold out since early 2007. Hard copies of this book are currently being sought by collectors.

To preview BOUND follow the link on the right.

City Lights Series is a body of work that captures women in cities across the United States and in Dublin, Ireland who are partially to fully nude. What makes this series unique is David’s method of photographing his subjects within the city environment at night. All the exposures in this series are between 3 and 69 seconds long combining the use of natural light and flash photography. It is David’s use of light and composition that makes this series striking for the viewer.

To preview City Lights follow link on the right.

Current and Ongoing Projects

David has completed his City Lights Series and over the next year he will consider shooting additional images that will enhance the overall project results. This is a compilation of photographs taken around cities at night with women from partial to full nudity. What sets this apart from other night photography are the techniques he is using to create the photographs. You can read more about this on this website; City Lights Series.


Women and men in rope will be a continuing theme. David will be looking to add more extreme ties with and without suspensions to create dynamic imagery. David is also interested in capturing the sexual aspects the rope dynamic. The images created from this series may be incorporated into a book at some time in the future.

If you have a concept for a project send me a note.

I hope you enjoy your journey through this website as much as I have enjoyed creating it.

Model Call

If you have ever had an interest to be photographed professionally then I invite you to drop me a note. Being a professional model is unnecessary. I love photographing real women and appreciate the diversity that the female form offers from subject to subject. So put your concerns aside and take the first step. Fill out the form below and I will contact you either by phone or email to determine how and when we can collaborate on one of my projects.


For the professional model it is important to know that I do not pay the people I work with at this time. The projects I create are not a profit motivated venture. They are motivated by my passion for creating art where so many consider that there is none. If you are committed to having amazing images within your portfolio, distinct from what is typically produced, then just send me a note via the form below to initiate a conversation about collaboration.


I am most interested in completing my City Lights Series over the next 12 months. That translates to roughly 24 shoots in as many cities as possible. Next in line is Phase III of my journey with my style of Japanese Inspired Rope Bondage. I am not sure yet of the specific nature of this phase. It is evolving.


Thank you to all the models/people who have an interest in working with me. It is truly and honor. I promise one thing and one thing only – AMAZING IMAGERY will result from our collaboration. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Send David a note about your interest in modeling.