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INTENSITY, Men in Rope Reviews

What Lochi Stine says…

INTENSITY, Men in Rope, first and foremost is a must have art book that happens to be of nude men tied up in tight unforgiving rope bondage.  This is not a pretty rope bondage book with men, it is a very masculine, testosterone driven force that is so well executed that it is very easy to look past sexual orientations.   This is not a gay bondage book, it is not a book just for woman, and this is not a book to teach you how to tie rope.  What INTENSITY, Men in Rope is, is what rope bondage is all about. This book is for EVERYONE who knows anything about tying or being in rope, it is for all who desire to watch others in the throes of realizing that they are captured and still defy till the very end. In short, this book is for YOU and anyone you care deeply about.


David Lawrence once again captures what so many riggers & photographers strive to achieve at least once in their play/work career, the emotions behind why we do what we do.  With this volume of work, the third book in his series, David once again shows why he is the one of the top photographers and riggers in this genre as well as across all genres. The passion behind why he compiled this collection will draw you in; the results will keep you there.


Lochai Stine, Educator, Rope Artist, Photographer and Author

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What WykD Dave says…

David Lawrence’s photography style is one that you can always recognize.  It’s always beautifully lit, technically excellent and reveals the subject in crystal clarity making them leap from their surroundings.   In INTENSITY, Men in Rope he uses his technique to great effect drawing us to the expression of the model no matter what else is going on in the image.  He achieves the difficult task of pulling us into the drama of a static image.


Looking back at BOUND, reBOUND and now INTENSITY I can see an evolution in David’s rope work.  I feel that his latest work has more of a Japanese influence.  This is used to great effect in INTENSITY.  Some images seem to have a martial quality to them and put in my mind a bound prisoner not in a BDSM context; a human predicament rather than a kink one.  As a straight man I have never been drawn to images of men in bondage and yet in INTENSITY I find an attraction in these images that has everything to do with my love of rope bondage where sex is irrelevant.


I am often asked why I don’t do images of men tied.  The answer is simple, I have no motivation either sexually or intellectually to make such images.  David however, found the motivation in his desire to honor his brother and make a contribution to fight HIV/AIDS the disease that took him.  This book moved me and I believe it will move many others.


Leaving the technical aspects aside in reviewing this book I think in the end that it is a book about love and acceptance; the celebration of the life of another.


I did not know Ben Hershy, but seeing what his life has inspired makes me wish that I did.


WykD Dave (16 March 2012)

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What slave judy says…

Do you enjoy men? Are you into brilliantly intense rope bondage? Is artistic energy your thing? Are you a fan of outstanding photography?  If you answered yes to any or all of these questions then you MUST invest in David Lawrence’s third photographic masterpiece INTENSITY, Men in Rope.  I say invest rather than purchase or buy because it will become one of your most treasured assets.  The pantheon of images in this beautifully bound book is powerful as are the audacious, fearless men who appear in the imagery. 


Intensity, as the title suggests is an understatement for the power and strength that it appears these men had to bring fourth in order to endure the physical and emotional process of being tied.  David Lawrence with his usual expertise and finesse perfectly and magnificently captured the essence of that emotion in every photograph on every page of this fine magnum opus.


I promise you will get caught up in the sheer, raw storyline of each and every section and feel the INTENSITY, as The Men in Rope did.  If you want to visually experience the journey, then purchasing INTENSITY, Men in Rope isn’t an option, it is a necessity. You WILL thank yourself!

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What Barbara Nitke says…

Dramatic, darkly lit and beautifully photographed, David Lawrence’s INTENSITY, Men in Rope is a riveting portrayal of extreme bondage.  It’s clearly a man’s point of view, but as a woman, I love looking at the gorgeous guys in all shapes, sizes and ages.  Bravo!


Barbara Nitke, Author, Photographer

What Jurgen Boedt says…

We all know David from his books BOUND and reBOUND, where his focus was on female bondage.  This time, he concentrates on men, nice good-looking men, who enjoy the bondage and that shows in the pictures.   David takes us into a whirling world of intense bondage, and his photography exhibits extreme contrast and great lighting.  He accentuates the body parts, the rope-marks, the jute rope, and the great suspensions with ease which continues to surprise me even after all these years.  It’s like he is whistling while he’s doing this and anyone who has attempted good bondage knows how bloody difficult it is!


What is even more special is that David’s style has become recognizable.  That means, with one glance, I know that this is a “David Lawrence” photograph which is the most extraordinary accomplishment for a professional photographer.  That “image look” that great feeling one gets when you see a very good bondage photograph and say to yourself; “Hey! I would like to try that also!”   We’re not shocked but interested; we’re not frightened but curious, and inspired.  One is lured into the picture, one looks at the intense concentration, the facial expressions, the complicated rope structure, the creativity of the rigger, the eye for detail, and the intensity.  Without any doubt, this is one of the best bondage books I have ever seen.  David tells us his book is meant to “inspire”, but I know it will do a lot more than inspire.  It is innovative pioneer-stuff, and many books will cross my desk before any of them compare to the quality of INTENSITY, Men in Rope.


To be quite honest, I’m a little jealous!


Jürgen Boedt – Editor of Secret Magazine

Publisher of BOUND, Shibari Style Impressions

What Nakita says…

As an aficionado and student of Shibari, Japanese influenced rope art, and photography, I’ve followed the works of the best artists in this genre.

David’s work is exciting, stunning, and inspirational.  He is one of the top photographers and riggers on my list.  His photographic and rigging style is iconic.

 I spent an hour looking at the preview of INTENSITY, Men in Rope.   There’s no way not to be moved by it.  Each image drew me in.  The details are meticulous and the men, even those grimacing in pain, showed some signs of enjoyment. 

As a proponent of this book, I believe in its genesis, not only because of David’s artistic abilities, the physical challenges of the models, and the resultant images, but especially the concept of donating a percentage of the profits to HIV/AIDS nonprofit organizations who use the funds to enhance the quality of life for sufferers struggling with this serious disease. 

Several years ago, when he was in Atlanta holding a workshop, I jumped on an opportunity to interview him minutes before he was about to tie Bobby, his cover model for Intensity.  A year later, when we met at Shibaricon, he shared with me his desire about doing a project centering on men in rope as a tribute to his brother Ben.   I was moved by his motivation and dedication toward this effort. 

It’s a stunning piece of work.  I think it’s ground breaking, both the topic and quality.   I think it will be a cultural reference for artistic bondage photography.  Buy it. 



Writer, podcast producer, presenter

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