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A list of places to purchase rope.

Omegamann’s background is in arboriculture by trade. Being a certified arborist and tree climber for 26 years has given him a unique advantage in terms of understanding the dynamics of rope, everything from from construction, loading limits, wear and tear, all the way to applicable rigging systems. Omegamann plays with rope all day everyday, and has developed the purest of love for rope. You might say rope is his life and has been for the last 26 years. And that’s just at work!


Venus Ropes is your source for high quality bondage rope hand dyed by Jocasta herself!

Choose from high quality, all natural, Romanian hemp, super soft and super strong solid braid nylon, and now MFP (multifilament polypropylene) which is great for use in water! Whatever your rope preference, you’ll sure to be pleased with the quality Venus Ropes provides you.

All 3 types of rope are ideal for suspension.


Venus Ropes

One of the major issues M0co ran into early on in his rope bondage career was the rope itself.  A fan of using natural fiber jute rope, it became a problem finding an affordable source in the US and anything that was affordable was either twisted too tightly or too loosely for M0co’s tastes.  What’s a rigger to do in this situation?  Make his own rope, of course!After five generations of rope making, M0co has finally perfected M0co jute; a seemingly hybrid version of asanawa and tossa, the twist isn’t so tight as to feel like a cable, but isn’t so loose that it can easily high strand.  It’s wonderfully light, has a beautiful energy and flow to it, and makes for beautiful photographs and ties.M0co jute rope is made from a high quality jute yarn.  It’s done in a seven (7)  ply, three (3) strand twist, totalling in twenty one (21)  strands of yarn.  This equals out to be about five millimeters (5 mm) in diameter as a final product.Each rope is hand twisted by M0co himself; no rope machines are used in this product!  The outcome is a beautifully crafted artisanal jute rope for all your bondage needs.

Moco Jute

The original materials used for Japanese bondage are hemp and jute. These materials do not stretch (when properly prepared) and have the property of “holding” a knot very well. Therefore they are very appropriate for bondage.
More information on this subject is available in the menu under “Knot / Rope / About BindMe”.
Because the preparation of hemp- and juterope is a very time consuming activity (boiling, drying, burning, oiling), many people are scared off to do this themselves.
Now there is the opportunity to acquire prepared original bondagerope through BindMe.
It is completely prepared and ready for use. The rope is delivered with a nice knot at each end to avoid the ends to unravel.

Zamil Jute is hand spun to Zamil’s specifications using the finest jute yarn available. We rub off the fuzzies, knot the ends and finish by baking a very, very light coating of beeswax into the rope. It weighs only 12 grams per meter. Ropes are 8m long and 6mm in diameter. A kit is 8 Ropes

Today I found something in the mail. A small, luxuriously filled parcel. The moment I opened it, I did not know what I will find in there. I expected some rope. But as the nature is with assumptions and expectations, I was wrong. What I found made me go whow! What I found was pure rigging gold, five length of it. I think it is the best rope I had in my hands so far. It’s not only rope, it feels so great, warm and kind of alive I can’t wait to try it out.


Monk is dubbed “a unicorn” by his friends, because he is so many things that aren’t supposed to exist. Before launching his bondage rope company, this former Eagle Scout and evangelical missionary was a software cowboy, an actor/stuntman, and a filmmaker. Six years ago, Monk’s mother-in-law gave him Midori’s rope bondage book, and a ropemaker was born. Today, in addition to running the world’s largest bondage rope company, Monk enjoys a career as a sex worker, writer, activist, educator, and entertainer.

Twisted Monk