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There are a multitude of ways in which you can take advantage of my years of photographic knowledge and expertise. Below are some of the more obvious. I look forward to hearing from you to make arrangements to cover your photographic needs and desires. If there is something out of the ordinary then by all means let me know what is on your mind. Use the contact form to express your interest in working with me.

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Private Shoots for Individuals and Couples

You can arrange to have me photograph you in a setting of your choice with a theme determined during a consultation. Multiple themes are possible and recommended in order to maximize the variety of imagery you can have me create for you. The typical time frame for a shoot is 3 to 4 hours. On some occasions a shoot may take more time particularly if there are multiple wardrobe changes and if more than one location is being utilized. Additionally, when a makeup artist and/or hair stylist is involved we will need to allow for more time.


I bill my time at $350.00 per/hour plus expenses. At this time I am running a special and will bill shoots for $250.00 per/hour plus expenses. This makes my services available to you at a significant savings so take advantage and plan that shoot you have dreamed of today. Private shoots are a great way to express yourself and capture a moment in time forever.

Portfolio Development & Enhancement

Models have a hard time out there in today’s world of digital photography. There are too few photographers out there with the knowledge and skill sets that ensure quality images that have impact. Doing TFP shoots do not cut it when you want to expand your portfolio in a particular direction. A direction that will make you MONEY as a model. That is where I come in. I can plan with you a shoot designed to produce the image(s) you want to make your portfolio all it can be. It is important to consider having an updated head shot, body shot, three quarter shot and themed imagery to reflect how you are now. This should be done annually or whenever you have a change in your appearance.


The special I have going on now is for location shoots with up to 4 hours of my time including post production on up to 6 images for your portfolio. The cost of this portfolio development shoot will start at $1,200.00 plus expenses. If we require more time and if you want more images put through post production for your use we can work out those details.


So do not limit the paid work you can get by showing imagery in your portfolio that does not show you off in the best possible way. Contact me today to set up a time to talk.

Commercial Photography, Post Production and Artwork

Over the years I have provided commercial photography services to a many varied industries; corporate, food, product, baked goods and more. In the alternative lifestyle world I have photographed leather goods, rope of course, fashions and people. Whatever your need we can make it happen with stellar results that will have your products attracting the interest of your customers.


The finishing of digital images is an art and science and I have mastered them. I can provide post production for images you own or have usage rights to with my style and artistic interpretation. Just drop me a note to talk about the particulars.


In line with the post production is album design and/or book layouts. I have designed all three my books, BOUND, reBOUND, INTENSITY and hundreds of albums for private clients. Whatever your post production requirements I can help you achieve the look and feel you desire.

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The portfolio below is of a general nature including images of food, baked goods, flowers and locations.

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